Empowering teachers, parents and students 

“We know how important meeting people in industry and work-related experiences are for developing aspirations in students. Despite the introduction of Gatsby Benchmarks to ensure students leave school 'Work Ready', schools have been left with little support to make careers education really work in school. We want to help schools and business make meaningful connections so that students are enriched and inspired."

Michelle Grant



We are launching a careers project in Berkshire, with schools determined to make a difference in young people's lives. We are connecting schools with local industry and organisations to inspire young people with the fantastic range of jobs and opportunities on their doorstep. 

The schools work together to develop their careers programmes to ensure there is a meaningful impact in curriculum design, culture and most importantly some fantastic opportunities and workshops for teachers, parents and students. 

  • Develop understanding and implementation of Gatsby Career Benchmarks.

  • Provide a variety of tools to ensure there is a clear strategy, impact and visibility of Careers in the curriculum.

  • CPD to ensure the key benchmark for subject teachers Benchmark 4: Linking curriculum learning to careers is successful - teachers can develop knowledge, skills and motivate students in class.

  • Teachers will be able to highlight the relevance of curriculum learning to a wide range of future career paths.