Izotsha Primary School, part of the Ogwini circuit and Ugu District in Kwa-Zulu-Natal, South Africa, has pioneered a bold plan to build a Science, Technology and Engineering laboratory/workshop. With a dedicated space and specialist teacher, Izotsha will help improve the engagement and outcomes in STEM education. The STEM lab will cost R400,000 (approximately £20,000).


The school is located in a rural part of South Africa and aims to support the local community, disadvantaged children, and encourage more girls to engage in STEM subjects. Izotsha Primary wants to reimagine STEM, with an emphasis on sustainability and building a better world for their community - which is why STEM@WORK is supporting this project!

To sponsor this project, please email the school directly: izotshaschool@futurenet.co.za 

For more information, please contact: michelle@stematwork.co.uk

Please ensure any contact made to the school is for genuine help/sponsorship.