How do we make STEM and careers work at school? We work with you to map out a clear strategy that works for your staff, context and students joining the journey to an innovative career and STEM programme. We collaborate with your staff and leadership team to develop critical strategies in both academic and pastoral systems. We provide CPD, flexible templates for success and ongoing support to ensure STEM and careers education flourishes in your school.

The world of work is evolving, and so too should Careers education to ensure students can make a successful transition from school to the workplace. Meaningful encounters and connections are essential to inspire and motivate students. 

#STEM #STEMeducation #STEMdiversity

STEM education is more than disciplines and skills important for 21st-century living...It is about being a democratic citizen in a highly techno-scientific world. It is about social justice, inclusion and diversity. 


Not all students are at the same place in STEM education, it is important to identify an individual roadmap, as well as the obstacles that students may face, in order to achieve STEM excellence.  We provide useful tools to navigate support and inclusion in STEM.

Virtual Work Experience STEM@WORK

ASE Annual Conference 

08 January 2020 - 11 January 2020 

University of Reading

Europe’s largest Science Education Conference

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Reimagining STEM

ASE Summer Conference 

24 June 2020

Virtual Conference 

Reimagining STEM

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Workshop / Project 


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