STEM@WORK was established to address the growing concern in STEM education and the lack of equality within. We noticed that despite the popular acronym 'STEM' existing for over two decades; educators, industry and government had no clear definition or strategy to improve or even execute STEM education well. Research points to how important cultural capital, family and encounters with employers is for students to participate effectively in school and in further education or training. We set out on a bold mission of connection; with industry, schools, teachers, parents and students, to create meaningful opportunities. We want to inspire change to make STEM and careers education exciting, engaging, enriching and most importantly inclusive, so that every child has the opportunity to excel.


Reimagine a world where education transforms us and allows for all possibilities. Where we encourage divergent thinking and the freedom to innovate. A place where we act with a social conscience, embrace democracy and fight for social justice

- we want to be part of creating this world. 

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