Today we are faced with a growing skills gap and disparities in gender, ethnicity and social class in accessing further education and engaging in certain job sectors. Organisations with greater inclusion and diversity are more prosperous and have better staff retention. 


We work with businesses to identify key areas that support Corportate Social Responsibility and talent acquisition strategy to link this with schools STEM curriculum and careers initiatives. We help structure careers talks, workshops and activities that are relevant, inspiring and promote work-ready skills. We secure partnerships with schools, working together to address the skills gap.

Work-related experiences are particularly important to aid students aspirations and create opportunities for inclusion, demonstrating the wide variety of jobs that students may have never considered. 


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Industry and schools must connect in order to address the growing skills shortage in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It is absolutely essential to have a strong understanding of how to improve interest and outcomes to ensure a sustainable pipeline of talented students entering the workplace.